4K Cameras

4K is Here to Stay: The Stunning Screen Coming to Your Living Room

Program Productions stays tuned into tech, and today we want to tell you about 4K, the stunning format taking screens by storm.

Reigning champion HD weighs in at 1080 by 1920. The soon-to-be champ 4K is 3,840 by 2,160. 4K has literally 4 times more detail than the stalwart HD, boasting an astounding 8,294,400 pixels. It’s coming for the title.

4K has been building momentum for a few years now, waiting for the world to be ready. 4K televisions are now affordable, and content is now available. Over 8 million 4K tvs have been sold since 2016, coupled with thousands of blu-rays and streaming content in the format. While live 4K broadcasts have not yet caught on, you can be sure that when they do, Program Productions will bring them to you.

You’ll see sports as you’ve never seen them, witnessing incredible details. The storm of sand as a runner slides into home plate. The beads of sweat crystallized on a soccer striker’s forehead. Snowflakes falling on a wide receiver’s winning touchdown.

The future is measured by ppi, passion per inch. We can’t wait.