At Home Productions

“At-Home” is Where the Heart Is: The Production Model Sweeping the Nation

We like to say, “home is where the heart is,” and where there’s a heart, there’s passion, and where there’s passion, there’s Program Productions.

Program Productions not only captures the game: we change the game. We always strive to save you time, money, and logistical headaches. That’s why we’re leading the way in the new industry paradigm: at-home production.

Rather than the on-site model of the past, the live feed is now beamed to an “at-home” location, an external home base where all angles are managed and broadcast remotely. Costs are drastically reduced by reducing the number of staff and equipment out in the field, minimizing travel expenses and scheduling-induced migraines. It no longer takes an entire village of production personnel to broadcast an event, and while it’s low cost, Program Productions’ passionate teams assure you it’s high-quality.

With IP-based tech allowing for in-house workflows, a college football game in Arizona transmits to a control room in Illinois. Meanwhile, a Michigan women’s basketball game plays in the next room over, with a live from New York swimming championship down the hall.

Broadcasting remote productions by way of home-based hubs, producers can bring down costs, and reap the benefits.

The at-home model is especially effective for secondary productions, and big events like the Super Bowl. Pregame, postgame, highlights, errors, conflict, heroism: all that content can be carved up many ways for a whole host of outlets.

With the funds saved, never-before-produced events can now be televised and streamed to fans (arm-wrestling tournament, anyone?) and big-ticket events can be produced with awe-inspiring alacrity and austerity.

At-home production is at the forefront of industry trends, and Program Productions is at the pinnacle of the industry. That’s why we say, “At-home is where the heart is.”