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Program Productions’ ProCrewz Pushes the Limit of Passion

Sports are all about great leaps forward. Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile. The Chicago Bulls winning 6 titles in 8 years. Program Productions mirrors Read More...



Passion in Focus: Kelli

Kelli Dora knows success is an acrobat act. It takes a lot of skill and focus to keep the balance, and she is among the best in the business. Read More...


Program Productions

Passion in Focus: Matt

Matt is Program Productions’ Production Manager. He oversees equipment and the professionals who operate it, making sure both are top-notch quality. One of his favorite memories (and proudest accomplishments) was tech managing Farm Aid 30 in 2015, headlined by his hero, Neil Young. Read More...


At Home Productions

“At-Home” is Where the Heart Is: The Production Model Sweeping the Nation

Program Productions not only captures the game: we change the game. That’s why we’re leading the way in the new industry paradigm: at-home production. Rather than the on-site model of the past, the live feed is now beamed to an “at-home” location, an external home base where all angles are managed and broadcast remotely. Read More...


Program Productions Lisa

Passion in Focus: Lisa

Satellites could spot Lisa’s office, decked out in blue for her beloved Chicago Cubs. Her passion for sports follows her home, where this past autumn, Lisa and her mother could be heard hooting and hollering for their overdue World Series win. Read More...


4K Cameras

4K is Here to Stay: The Stunning Screen Coming to Your Living Room

Program Productions stays tuned into tech, and today we want to tell you about 4K, the stunning format taking screens by storm. 4K has been building momentum for a few years now, waiting for the world to be ready. Read More...


Program Productions EMMA

Passion in Focus: Emma

Emma is a dynamo. Her energy and her drive make her an outstanding account manager. It has been said her smile is almost as contagious as her passion. Read More...


Facebook Live Program Productions

Streaming Consciousness: Content that Connects on Facebook Live and Twitter

Across all the apps, video is increasingly the heart of content. Live streams to social media are the next step in that shift, and they’re shaking up how people view and interact.


Robert Carzoli, Program Productions


I am, and always have been, a salesman. Most of the outstanding people who work for us are professional and take an enormous amount of pride in their work. But a recent encounter made me wonder—how many people fail to realize everyone is a salesman?