Facebook Live Program Productions

Streaming Consciousness: Content that Connects on Facebook Live and Twitter

People have the whole world in the palm of their hand. With a simple smart phone, they can interact with who they love and what they love with a few taps of a screen. There are over 2 billion smart phone users. This is the biggest audience in the world.

Networks have noticed this, and have been rolling out new distribution and engagement models to take advantage of the incredible opportunity. Twitter paid $10 million to stream 10 NFL games this season. News channels are broadcasting right to your Facebook feed, and entertainment and political personalities take to Facebook Live to connect to viewers.

Across all the apps, video is increasingly the heart of content. Live streams to social media are the next step in that shift, and they’re shaking up how people view and interact. The constraint of having to sit at home to watch on a television is now nonexistent. People now keep up on their phone or laptop. Rather than anxiously awaiting the results of a game they can’t watch, they can take a peek at Twitter to watch the touchdown on their phone. Facebook live can cut through people’s clutter and reach audiences who otherwise never would’ve tuned in. If viewers follow you, they will then receive notifications whenever you go live, and be more inclined to catch it.

Program Productions is passionate about bringing video to the masses with quality and care. Many are concerned that footage filmed on phones will be the new norm, but we assure you that any recording device, from an HD camera to a drone, can provide a stream to Facebook Live, so there will be no drop-off in visual fidelity.

And our broadcasts to television aren’t going anywhere. This is just an exciting new vehicle for the viewer. Facebook Live, Twitter, and all the pocket platforms enable you to engage viewers directly, not only by being easily available, but by being able to answer questions and comments in real-time. It’s an opportunity to immerse and interact with the audience on their turf, on their terms. A mass audience connected as one: now that’s a game changer.