A Greater Range of Passion: The Bright Future of HDR

With so many screen formats and resolutions out there right now, we’re often asked which ones will stick around.


Of all the rising imaging technologies, HDR is the one to watch.


HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”, meaning that it boasts a greater range of luminosity (the difference between light and dark images on screen). By showing a higher contrast between light and shadow, HDR gives you a more realistic picture. The idea of the pioneering imaging technique is to replicate the way the human eye sees, giving a true-to-life view by preserving more detail in the brightest whites and the darkest blacks.


Put that together with a wider range of color depth, and you’ve got a mind-blowing image. It’s the most meaningful jump in consumer-grade picture quality since the plasma screen TV.


Program Productions captures passion from every angle, and with HDR, you’ll see those angles like never before. The shadow of a passing cloud in the outfield during the 7th inning stretch. An out-of-this-world vista of a rock concert laser light show. The subtlest splash of droplets on a champion swimmer’s winning lap.


Is there a future for HDR? Without a shadow of a doubt.