Passion in Focus: Kelli

Kelli Dora knows success is an acrobat act. It takes a lot of skill and focus to keep the balance, and she is among the best in the business.

Kelli has 4-year old twins. She finally had a Friday night free to go see a movie with her husband. And then a call came in from a client in need of an EVS op for their next-day production.

She stepped in and out of the theater, deftly delivering phone calls and keeping her husband company. Around midnight, she finally found someone ready and willing to fly out the next morning. She didn’t see much of the movie, but she saved the show.

We’re proud to have such a passionate national crew coordinator as Kelli, a true aerial artist. Because if you think that story’s wild, just ask her about the time she booked flights for an entire crew at 1am, for a flight 5 hours later at 6am.