Passion In Focus: Pete

Pete Twardowski’s smile could cross a continent. In fact, it has.

We’re proud to announce that Pete’s been traveling the country, visiting all the clients and crews in our markets as our new National Field Ambassador. Starting in May, he’s been to Atlanta, Raleigh, New York, and Pittsburgh.

Program Productions is committed to being the pinnacle of customer service, and that means meeting our clients face to face instead of over the phone, and making sure they’re having the best possible experience.

Pete talks to the technicians and takes care of them, resolving any issues they may have. And believe us, he’s the perfect man for the job.

Pete’s been with Program Productions since 1998, starting out as a utility worker and becoming a cameraman. His loyalty and his likability help him shine in the ambassador role. Whether the crew needs a golf cart or gear, Pete is on it. Some might even know him from back in the day.

“I’m just one of the guys. I’m more than happy to throw a hand in and help.”

As humble as they come, we’re so happy to have Pete in the field.

Because Program Productions’ passion knows no borders.

And neither does Pete’s.