Passion in Focus: Steve

Steve Spurlock is a powerhouse.

In fact, many know him as one of the hardest-working men in the business. It’s a work ethic he’s carried his entire life, from when he was a child helping out on the golf course, to winning a high school state championship on the football field.

In college, Steve was asked if he’d shoot some highlights of local sports events. He quickly realized he’d found his passion. And he carried that passion to Program Productions, starting small and working his way to the top.

Steve started out loading trucks and sweeping floors. Now, he’s our Chief Administrative Officer, and part-owner of the company.

And Steve stays busy to this day: he negotiates contracts, organizes pre-season football, and still finds time to work as a tech manager in the field. He spends the rest of his time boating, fishing, travelling with his family, and riding motorcycles. When asked how he does it all, Steve will just say,

“When you see what you’ve helped build, it makes it all worth it.”

Steve is living proof that when you have passion from every angle, anything is possible.