To our sports broadcast community: The disruption in our industry from canceled and postponed events due to the spread of COVID-19, regretfully represents a substantial loss of work for our broadcast technicians. It is our priority at PPI to ensure our technicians are informed, and we will continue to communicate as developments arise and industry announcements are made. While the uncertainty at this time will cause unrest, the health and safety of PPI employees is our foremost concern. We are in uncharted waters, but the foundation of PPI remains strong and is prepared to handle the adversity we face today and move forward as we return to normalcy in the coming weeks. Click the links below for more information.

COVID-19 Information & Guidelines

PPI Worksite Health & Safety Guidelines


“This new feature is simply one of the most important advancements we‘ve ever introduced. While the technology is cutting-edge, the real value is the safety and security ProCrewz now provides to all of our crews and personnel at our client locations.”

– Bob Carzoli, Chairman & CEO

Our Product is Passion.

As North America’s leading provider of broadcast production labor services, we bring Passion to every project. It’s our camera operators who get the immortal shot, our sound techs who capture that unforgettable riff, and every member of our international network who can’t help but be inspired by what they see.

Passion is making the moment an icon, the shot a sensation, and every angle a phenomenon that will never be forgotten.

At Program Productions, we see Passion in everything we do. And we share it with the world.

There’s More to The Story.

For over 30 years, we’ve been the industry leader. But there’s still more to discover.

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  • Crewing Fulfillment
  • Payroll
  • Travel Management
  • Liability Insurance


We have a local affiliate staff with a national reach, so you’ll have the industry’s top talent crewing your event with a local perspective. Every event is better with Passion.


Our National Payroll System generates paychecks with referenced job numbers, multi-rate earnings platforms, withholding details and year-to-date data for all pay and deduction categories.


We help clients reduce travel costs by as much as 20 percent. Leveraging national relationships, volume buying and creative-thinking, our personnel find the most efficient way to get the right people to every event.


We’ll take care of the variables. With our proprietary data management tool, Program Productions will help you capture, standardize and share critical information, while reducing error & costs.

Introducing the ProCrewz® Data Management System and Mobile App

ProCrewz® is the first national, standardized enterprise resource management system for the live event and broadcast industries.

Introducing the all-new mobile app
for the live-event industry.


  • Full-service Transmission
  • Audio-Visual Support
  • Mobile Production
  • Production Support
  • Production Equipment


We have the experience, the talent and the scope to bring your transmission to life. Whether it’s for broadcast or a corporate event, our engineering staff will handle the entire transmission path.


Whether it’s IMAG for a concert, a live surgery from an operating room, or a major corporate event, we staff & equip your event for the highest production value.


Our connection is yours. We have relationships with major production trucking companies across North America, and we’ll connect you to the highest-value resource for any situation.


Every sensation starts with a crew. From initial site survey to final strike, and the thousands of details that appear between, our people have the expertise to make your live production a masterpiece.


We know the right equipment for any situation. Tapping into years of experience across entertainment, sports and corporate events, we’ll provide the right equipment & consultation for every production.