When you’re with Program Productions, you’re family, and we take care of our own. This page is a comprehensive guide to all the benefits afforded to all our fulltime and freelance employees.

Employee Documents

Field Employee Handbook

Policies, procedures and expectations can be found in this guide that may answer your questions about the day-to-day operations at Program Productions.

Questions? Contact Human Resources at hr@programproductions.com.

Injury Report Forms

If you are involved in any form of accident or injury while working for PPI, you must adhere to the Employee Accident Reporting Process. Please reach out to HR@programproductions.com or call 630-792-9700 EXT 3 to begin the reporting process.

Notice to Employees: E-Verify Participant Information
Notice to Employees: Right To Work Protection Information
NLRB Notice of Petition for Election - Cleveland, OH
Employment Information & Workers Comp Contacts
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employee resources

We don’t do our jobs alone. We don’t do life alone, either. Everyone needs help at some point. If not for yourself, maybe a family member or friend. We know the feeling. Do you know where the name “Program Productions” came from? For those involved in self-help groups like AA or NA, the 12 steps and 12 traditions are referred to as “the program.” The Carzoli family is forever grateful for the help and strength gained by family members through Alcoholics Anonymous. That’s why the company is named after that vital first step.

We’ve all been there, so we lend a hand to help body and mind. For instance, we have partnered with organizations like the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, which offers the nation’s sports production community a go-to resource for behavioral health care and support.

We care about you, and we hope that if you or a loved one are in need of some help, the below resources will be a place to begin the journey towards healing.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Program Productions has teamed up with the world-renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to ensure you and your family have access to today’s most trusted addiction and mental health care resources. Hazelden Betty Ford’s programs and services integrate a patient centered approach and evidence-based practices– delivered with the utmost respect and fierce compassion that makes healing possible.

If Alcohol or Drugs are
causing a problem in your life:

Alcoholics Anonymous | aa.org
Narcotics Anonymous | na.org
Gamblers Anonymous | gamblersanonymous.org
Alanon | alanon.alateen.org | 888.425.2666
Alateen | al-anon.alateen.org | 888.425.2666
Addiction Center | addictioncenter.com | 833.591.1964

Other Support Groups:

Cancer | cancer.org | 800.227.2345
Bereavement | griefnet.org
Divorce | divorcecare.org
Suicide | suicidepreventionlifeline.org | survivorsofsuicide.com
Parenting Issues | nationalparenthelpline.org | 855.427.2736
Crisis Hotlines and Resources, Psychologists available by State | apa.org/topics/crisis-hotlines


Alzheimer’s Association | alz.org | 800.272.3900
Special Needs Child/ Autism | autismspeaks.org
Wounded Returning Veterans | woundedwarriorsproject.org


Financial difficulties due to rising mortgage rates/cost
of an illness/kids in or approaching college:


Sports Broadcasting Fund

Employees Encouraged to Donate
to the Sports Broadcasting Fund

The Sports Broadcasting Fund is the focus of Program Productions’ charitable efforts for the next five years. We ask that our employees join us in this effort with the donation of one dollar or more per paycheck. Program Productions will match those contributions at 50 cents on the dollar. 

The Sports Broadcasting Fund, established in early 2012, is designed to offer financial assistance to those in the sports broadcast production community who find themselves and their family in need due to illness, death or disaster. The goal is simple: to help ease financial burdens that can add emotional stress to already stressful and difficult situations. With your donation, you may be helping a coworker or someone you know.

To donate to the Sports Broadcasting Fund through an automatic deduction from your paycheck,
please fill out the form below.

Freelancer Training Opportunities

Freelancer Training Opportunities

We’re proud to partner with organizations for a full offering of freelancer training opportunities. Sharpen your professional skills – or gain completely new ones! Overhaul your audio prowess and earn your AoIP certification with the Calrec Sound Institute, or become a master of Digital Replay with EVS Training Services or Dreamcatcher Academy. View the full list of freelancer training opportunities

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