We’ve earned our reputation because we never stop earning it. Program Productions does whatever it takes to guarantee each event is efficient, streamlined, professional, and above all successful.
Right Talent, Right Tools
Employer of Record

We serve as the sole employer, taking on the burden on your behalf. We assume responsibility to hire, pay, and execute all formal employment tasks, and always go above and beyond for our clients and crews.

WE Live for
Event Labor

For over 30 years, we’ve been the leader in live event labor. With an international presence of top technicians, we have the infrastructure and ability to consistently create and capture successful events.

Making the Play
Production Management

Nothing less than excellence is tolerated on our team. Our peerless staff of production coordinators gather the right crews to execute each vision.

Right Talent, Right ToolS
Technical Support

We don’t just have the best teams: we have the best tools. Rest assured that the latest gear and strongest infrastructure backs you up at every field.

On-Time Delivery
Production Payroll

We utilize industry-leading tools like Paylocity to ensure and expedite accurate payroll.

Union Relationships

Our national union relationship management successes are backed-up by the nation’s most respected corporate counsel team.

Upload Certifications

Enjoy the ability to seamlessly upload a training certificate.

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